Discover how to earn a great living from freelancing.

If you are looking to ditch the 9-5 you will first need business ideas. More and more people are choosing to take a risk to become self-employed for the freedom it can bring. Finding the best freelance business ideas or side business ideas is the very first critical step in starting as a freelancer.

Although deciding to "work for yourself" is riskier than a regular day job, it can lead to a much more rewarding lifestyle. With the right business ideas, you could be your own boss and earn A LOT more than you are currently making.

Don't be mistaken though, it will be hard work. You can make the transition from freelancer/self-employed easier though, by starting your business ideas while working your full-time job.

2020 has been a year of uncertainty, and many are facing the realization that their full-time job is not as secure as once thought. Now is the time to take your career into your own hands. Here are the best freelance business ideas to start in 2020.

"What is the best business idea to start in 2020?" and "How do I start freelancing while working full-time?".

Two questions that are always being asked online.

I hear from fellow freelancers all the time about how hard finding the right business idea was and how they wished they had started working on it while working full-time.

Therefore I have put together this MASSIVE list of the 150 Best Freelance Business Ideas You Can Start While Working A Full-Time Job to help you not only find a lucrative business idea, but also one that can be started and built while you keep your 9-5 job. That way you won't experience the "no income" period that a lot of new freelancers go through.

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150 Best Freelance Business Ideas to Start in 2020 - While Working a Full-Time Job

Are you ready? Time to get inspired!

(1). Graphic Design

Freelance Graphic Designer

Do you have an artistic eye? Always scribbling down drawings? A freelance career in graphic design could be for you.

Graphic designers create concepts and visuals for businesses. From working on large projects like a complete company rebrand to smaller tasks like magazines or online advertisements.

It used to be software used by graphic designers was complicated and complex, but these days the Adobe suite is easier to use than ever. Although it is possible to teach yourself graphic design, it would be recommended to take a few courses to learn the technical aspects.

Once you have the experience you could make money in many ways using graphic design. The first and most obvious way would be selling your services as a freelancer, but you could also create artwork to sell on marketplaces such as GraphicRiver.

Once you become an expert and have a great portfolio you will be able to target much larger and higher-paying clients.

To best place to showcase your portfolio would be a website. For hosting I recommend CloudWays to get online quickly.

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(2). WordPress Support

Freelance Wordpress Support

WordPress started in 2003 as a blogging platform, but these days it is a complete CMS system that is free to use. With its extensive ecosystem of themes and plugins, you can build a stunning website with very little technical knowledge. It is estimated that over 455 million websites use Wordpress in 2020.

Although WordPress is easy to set up, it does require ongoing maintenance. Regular updates can break plug-ins and themes rendering websites broken and unavailable. This can leave website owners stuck as it requires a more in-depth knowledge of WordPress from a technical point of view to fix.

Keeping on top of the website's updates can prevent these issues but requires time to manage. For this reason, many WordPress website owners pay a monthly fee for freelancers to maintain their website and be available if any issues arise.

Learning the WordPress CMS is very straightforward. It would not take long to understand common issues that arise with WordPress due to bad maintenance and update issues. Once you have learned how to prevent these problems you can start charging a monthly fee for a few hours maintenance per month. A business like this can scale very quickly as you take on more and more clients.

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(3). Blogging

Freelance Blogger

A blog is a series of posts in a niche that people read. These posts could be advice, information, tips/tricks, or even resources. Think cooking, home inspiration, DIY, lifestyle, fitness, business, and more. Over 4.4 million blog posts are published every day in 2020.

Blogging can be very lucrative once you have built an audience. With time and effort, you could have a six-figure business using methods such as affiliate marketing, sponsored blog posts, premium content, and more.

Starting a blog couldn't be easier with platforms such as Wordpress or Ghost. All you have to do is decide a niche to cover and start writing. To be successful you will need to learn about search engine optimization, content marketing, writing good content, and leverage social media to grow traffic and readers.

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(4). Create and sell stock artwork

Freelance stock artwork creator

Websites such as GraphicRiver and TheHungryJpeg allow you to sell artwork templates you have created.

Anything from graphics, print templates, web elements, vectors, and more. Creating artwork templates that are widely in demand and easily customizable, such as Instagram artwork or PowerPoint templates can turn over a huge profit.

Creating artwork to be sold on a marketplace is different than designing for a specific client. The artwork must be easily adaptable to a wide range of software, and easy for someone to customize. It must also appeal to a larger range of tastes and design styles.

Many designers generate six-figures from having a catalogue of artwork available to purchase on marketplaces.

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(5). Website Design

Freelance website designer

Web designers are some of the most in-demand freelancers in 2020, which is why it ranks so highly as one of the best freelance business ideas. Web design focuses on what a user can see. How a website looks and feels, for example, the design of a button and how it functions is the main focus of a web designer. Making sure a website looks great on all devices, from desktops to mobiles.

Every day millions of businesses need a new website, so work will always be available if you build up the required skills, reputation, and portfolio.

If you need a web host for your clients that is affordable and reliable, I recommend CloudWays.

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(6). Host webinars

Freelance webinar host

Webinars became an essential part of training for many businesses during the Covid-19 outbreak lockdown in 2020. Webinars are live video calls/sessions where a training course or talk on a particular topic is covered by an expert. Viewers can sometimes even interact and ask questions.

A great form of online training, webinars are a great side business idea. The first step to running webinars is to choose which subject you will talk about. Are you an expert in any field? Do you have experience in a topic that you could use to teach others?

Then you will need to decide on a webinar software to deliver the sessions. To monetize you could either charge users to take part in the webinar or deliver free training to build up an audience that you could then market products and services too.

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(7). Website Development

Freelance web developer

Take it from me, website development can be extremely profitable. As a freelance website developer myself I easily turn over $5k+ a month.

Website development is the bit behind the scenes of a website, the code which takes a flat image and makes everything run. Being able to code is a skill that takes time to learn but is very in demand. Although the barrier to entry is higher because of the time it takes to learn, because skilled website developers are harder to find the hourly rate you can charge can be very high.

There are many languages to choose from, but if you want to get started quickly I recommend HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript as a good foundation. Using these languages you can start to find work as a freelance web developer, all as you maintain a full-time job.

Once you have a portfolio and experience you can quit the 9-5 and use freelance website development as your main source of income. If you need a host for your portfolio I recommend CloudWays.

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(8). Buy and sell domains

Freelance domain broker

As you may know, a domain is a website name (eg. Popular one-word domains such (eg. can sell for VERY high prices. That means if you were lucky enough to buy one of these domains for cheap when they came out you could make a huge profit selling it. Unfortunately, domains such as these for .com/ have all been bought up.

Luckily new top-level domains have been released in the past few years (eg. .inc/.dev/.is) and more will come out in the future. This means opportunities pop up to purchase popular and desirable domains, hold on to them for a while, and then sell them for a big profit.

Knowing what domains to buy and when can be a bit of an art form and will take years of experience to turn a large profit. Getting started though requires no setup cost, just sign-up to a domain auction or registrar site.

Profitable domains don't get renewed all of the time because sometimes the owner forgets and they expire. They then become available for purchase. Keeping an eye out for these and picking domains you believe can be sold at a profit is a skill you will learn over time.

If you are looking the best place to buy domain names, I recommend CloudWays.

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(9). Online Courses

Freelance online course creator

If you have a skill or are an expert at something, then there's an audience of people around the world who will pay to learn from you. This is a very popular way to make money, Udemy has over 150,000 courses on its platform making this one of the best side business ideas to start in 2020.

To make money selling courses you will need to identify who your audience is, create valuable content that is different from anything else currently offered (or at least better than what is available), and then market it well. You will also need a website to sell and host your online course, for that I recommend CloudWays.

Many "ready to go" platforms exist to help you publish and host your online course such as Udemy or Teachable which means you can start right away with very little technical knowledge.

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(10). Virtual assistant

Freelance virtual assistant

In 2020 many businesses favor virtual assistants instead of one actually in the office. As a virtual assistant, you work remotely and would do a range of tasks such as online research, answering calls/emails, inputting information, creating timetables, ordering stock, and more.

The best thing about this freelance business idea is that you can start today, all you need is a computer. Platforms such as UpWork allow you to make yourself available for clients to hire you. The best part is once you get a virtual assistant gig the work tends to be long term and very profitable.

Many freelancers who choose to be a virtual assistant as their business idea end up growing it into an agency. Hiring other virtual assistants to take on more work and scaling a thriving remote business

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(11). Affiliate marketer

Freelance affiliate marketing

Don't have a product to sell? No problem. Sell someone else's. Affiliate marketing is great because you don't have to worry about stock, delivery, payment, or even refunds.

Affiliate marketing is the process of referring people to other companies' products or services and taking a commission when they buy. There are a few ways you can direct people to these products. The first would be to set up a dedicated e-commerce store and list the products for the niche you are targeting on it. The buy buttons can then be made to click through to the affiliates website for the sale.
You could also create a blog and when talking about the product drop the affiliate links into the post. If you are looking a host for either an e-commerce store or a blog, check out CloudWays.

How much success you have as an affiliate marketer depends on how much traffic you can drive to the affiliate links. Spending time to choose the right products for the right audience will greatly improve your chances of making money with this side business idea.

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(12). eBooks

Freelance eBook writer

Creating a downloadable eBook filled with valuable content that helps others to learn a skill, start freelancing, start a business, or level up in their day job is a fantastic side business idea.

Writing an eBook requires an initial upfront investment of time. You can't expect to simply mash a few words together and be profitable. Planning and crafting a great eBook takes time. However, spend that time and publish an eBook to the right audience and you can create a lasting passive income stream.

You have plenty of options when it comes to places to sell your eBook. Amazon, Blurb, and Lulu to name a few. Don't like writing? You can even find services on Fiverr that will take an audio file on you speaking the content and turn it into a beautiful eBook.

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(13). Copywriting

Freelance copywriter

Copywriting is a term used for a freelancer who produces or writes content. Blogs, website content, social media content, sales page text, and landing page copy to name a few. As readers get used to higher and higher quality content the demand for experienced copywriters who can create gripping and valuable long-form content is growing.

If you are fluent in English and have word processing software then with practice you can become a copywriter. Unfortunately, it's not just as simple as sitting down and writing, you will need to learn how to craft great content and learn SEO skills as well.

Once you have a good portfolio of work behind you, finding long term, well-paid gigs should be very easy.

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(14). Instagram Marketing (influencer)

Freelance Instagram marketer

This one can be quite difficult to get going - and some would argue involves a bit of luck, but can be very lucrative long term. Building up an audience of thousands of followers on your Instagram account means you can approach and will be approached by brands looking to use influencers to market their product or service. Using your niche following provides businesses a fantastic return on investment when it comes to marketing and they will happily pay you up to $6,000+ for a sponsored post (with the right amount of followers). This makes it one of the best lucrative side business ideas.

This is one of the more difficult business ideas for making money, but executed correctly and not only could you have a very freeing lifestyle, but also generate huge amounts of income on an ongoing basis.

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(15). Transcription service

Freelance transcriber

By offering a transcription service as a side business idea you would take audio files or videos, listen to them and convert what is said into written content.

Many content creators require transcription for their Youtube videos, or some even record blog content that then gets converted into a written post. You will need to be able to type fast and accurately to be able to make a living as a transcriber.

If you want to jump right in, you can find transcription jobs on Mechanical Turk by Amazon. However, for a chance to earn the highest you will want to create a website marketing your service (I recommend CloudWays as a host) and target individuals who would require transcription on an ongoing basis.

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(16). Online coaching

Freelance online coach

An online coaching business can be a very good way to make money online. Online coaching and learning have become a part of everyone's life in 2020, especially due to the coronavirus lockdown.

First, you will want to decide what your area of expertise is, you could use what you have learned in your current full-time job. Then you will want to create a course structure that delivers results for anyone that takes part. Finally with an aggressive marketing plan and the right audience to sell it too you could earn well over $10k a month.

Another important aspect of being an online coach is community building. Using Facebook groups is a great way to bring all your course members together and create a space for discussion and support.

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(17). User testing

Freelance user testing

New websites and apps have bugs, it's a fact of life. Normally bugs are found by customers who then report the issue to the business. This can not only lead to lost sales but also takes a long time to get rid of all the issues. To make this process quicker and speed up the bug finding, businesses can hire user testers.

User testing as a freelance business idea means you will test websites and applications for bugs by using them as intended or by carrying out a list of actions a customer is expected to make (eg. add the item to the shopping cart).

You will then take note, or screen record any issues or bugs you find in the process. You can get started right away by becoming a user tester on a platform such as or create a business website and start marketing yourself to companies with a new website or app. It's important that your own business website is bug free and fast, so I recommend CloudWays as they offer the fastest load times and quick support. Alternatively, you could look round websites of businesses you know and once you have found a bug, inform them of the issue as an opener and then pitch your services.

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(18). Podcasting

Freelance podcasting

Got a voice for radio? Why not try podcasting as your side business idea. Podcasts are very popular in 2020, with people in all walks of life listening to them daily.

The key to a successful podcast is an audience. It will help if you already have one that you can leverage but if you don't, you can still use podcasting to build a lucrative side business.

To start you will need a high-quality microphone and recording software. You can then upload your episodes to websites like Youtube or BuzzSprout. To make a profit podcasting, you can charge for sponsorships, sell your digital products to your audience, or run advertisements during the episodes.

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(19). Proofreader

Freelance proofreader

Are your grammar and writing skills tip top? Then as a freelance proofreader, you can use that skill to fix the errors of business content. You will be paid to scrutinize written content to detect and correct mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary.

As a proofreader, your main skill will be making sure that a piece of text is 100% accurate in terms of grammar and vocabulary.

You could approach clients are a freelance proofreader, but there are also websites where you get paid to proofread as one of the best side business ideas.

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(20). Amazon Reselling

Freelance Amazon Reseller

If you already enjoy shopping and picking up deals on Amazon, why not start making a profit from it as a side business idea?

To get started reselling on Amazon there are three requirements:

The main goal of Amazon reselling is - buy low, resell high.

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(21). T-Shirt Designer

Freelance t-shirt designer

Setting up a store to sell your t-shirt designs is one of the most fantastic and lucrative side business ideas.

Websites like Teespring and Redbubble allow you to upload your designs and start selling t-shirts straight away. The best part is you don't need to print them or manage stock, that is all done for you.

The downside to it being so easy to get started is that a lot of people are doing it in 2020. To stand out you will either need really good designs or supply for an unexplored niche.

I found it hard to get a niche fan Formula 1 t-shirt recently for example. That's a sport with a huge following, a few niche t-shirt designs on Redbubble could sell very well.

If you are looking to manage your own store a Shopify website with Printful is a good place to start. You will also need a good reliable host for the website and for that I recommend CloudWays.

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(22). Local Business Consulting

Freelance local business consultant

Have you had a previous business or worked within one developing it? The skills and qualifications you have acquired can be used to help local business owners to level up their own company. This is one of the best potentially lucrative side business ideas that also gives you the satisfaction of helping others.

If you have skills in building a client list, online advertising, marketing, or business processes then you will be able to help struggling business owners with issues they may have.

Finding these owners can be as simple as looking at local business Facebook groups. These groups contain a hive of local business owners who regularly post about issues they face and ask for help. Being active in these groups means you can pitch yourself to them and get hired as a freelance business consultant.

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(23). Infographic Designer

Freelance Infographic Designer

An infographic is an image made of charts and text that gives a visual understanding of a topic or analytics. They make hard to digest data much easier to understand.

A good infographic designer can turn boring numbers and text into a beautiful image. For this reason, businesses use them in meetings and presentations all the time.

Software like Canva makes it much easier to design infographics than ever before, and with companies paying over $1k per infographic, this is one of the best very lucrative freelance business ideas.

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(24). Phone Case Business

Freelance phone case business

In 2020 the phone case market is huge, with almost 2.53 billion smartphone users around the world. Not only that, but some people upgrade their phones every year. Selling a product that people need and buy repeatedly is a fantastic and profitable side business idea.

Websites like Printify linked with Shopify allow you to create your own designs and sell them straight away, no managing stock!

If you want to host an e-commerce store yourself, I recommend an affordable and reliable host like CloudWays.

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(25). UX/UI Designer

Freelance UX/UI designer

A UX/UI designer (or user experience/user interface designer) is someone who is in charge of creating each screen or page of a website or app, ensuring that it is a process that provides a seamless experience for users.

Learning the fundamentals of UX/UI design will be very important and the key to you getting work using this as one of your freelance business ideas.

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(26). Tax Preparation/Accounting

Freelance tax preparation

Some business owners are great at doing their own taxes. Some find it very difficult and need help. Others might not have the time to sit down and do their own taxes and therefore require someone to make sure all the numbers are correct for them.

Although with a little Google knowledge you could maybe help a friend out, to do this professionally you will need some level of certification. Luckily there are many courses online that teach you tax preparation and will allow you to approach businesses are a certified tax assistant.

Another approach for side business ideas you could take is learning accounting software such as Xero and helping businesses take their offline accounts, online.

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(27). Server administrator

Freelance server administrator

Server Administrators are in charge of setting up and maintaining business servers. Any business which has a large website or an office with lots of workstations will require a server admin.

Another key role of a server admin is making sure a business's website and the network is secure. With hacking rampant in 2020, this is more important than ever.

This freelance business idea is not for the faint-hearted as it will require a great deal of knowledge. Basic certifications are the minimum requirement, but you will find that more specific knowledge and experience will be needed to get hired by larger businesses. Stick with it though and you will be able to charge VERY high hourly rates with these lucrative business ideas.

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(28). Remote Language Teacher/Tutor

Freelance remote language teacher/tutor

Teaching your native language online to others as a second language is one of the best business ideas to get started with today. Not only is the potential to earn very high, but it is easy to get started.

Although you would be better with a certification, there are some online English teaching companies that don't require any qualifications:

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(29). SEO consultant

Freelance SEO consultant

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank as highly as possible in search engines (mainly Google) for keywords that are relevant to the content on your website.

Although there is a lot to learn when it comes to SEO, simply learning the basics such as keyword research, competitive analysis, and link building, means you can start charging clients for your time as a consultant.

The Moz Beginners Guide to SEO is a fantastic free course that covers the theory side to SEO and will help you understand the basics.

Some freelance SEO consultants command over $100+/hour, meaning this can be one of the best lucrative freelance business ideas. To sell you services I recommend you get a portfolio website created and use your own SEO skills to rank on Google for businesses who are looking for your services. If you need a cost effective and reliable host for the website, check out CloudWays.

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(30). Exams tutor

Freelance exam tutor

Many of us (including me) are happy to see the back of exams, but if you did well in them and enjoy helping others then tutoring might be for you.

Parents around the world are more than happy to pay someone over $100/hour to tutor their son or daughter to do better in exams, making this a great side business idea.

It used to be the case you would have to travel house to house, limiting how many people you could tutor a day. Now though, remote tutoring means you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Remote tutoring has become even more popular due to the Covid-19 lockdown, making this a good time to help others out while earning some side income.

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(31). Fitness advisor

Freelance fitness advisor

Are you a health and fitness lover? Why not turn your passion into a great side business idea? Help people with diet plans, exercise routines, and to get fit.

Although one to one coaching remotely is an option, many choose to make it easy to sell products, such as eating plans and body transformation guides. All you need to get started is a hosted website, and plans you have created to sell. If you want to get online fast I recommend CloudWays.

During the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, many gyms had to shut and many people turned to online workouts making it a great time to start these business ideas to help others.

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(32). Presentation design consultant

Freelance presentation design consultant

Gone are the days of terrible looking, boring presentations. These days presentations need to be beautifully designed and well structured to grab and keep an audience's attention.

If you enjoy using PowerPoint why not turn your presentation making skills into a lucrative side business idea.

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(33). Create intro videos

Freelance intro video creator

No matter if it's for a business Youtube video or social media content a well-designed intro/opener video will make it much more professional.

Although it's becoming easier for businesses to create their own video content, when it comes to graphics and animation which is required to create an intro video, they usually look to outsource this.

A quick look at Fiverr shows that the market for this is huge. Being able to use a template to produce these quickly will allow you to scale up and turn a very good profit in these great little side business ideas.

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(34). Create explainer videos

Freelance explainer video creator

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to explain a business's product or service.

Various software exists that allows you to create explainer videos without knowing more technical software such as After Effects. This means that you can quickly create videos for potential clients.

This post by shows you how with no animations skills you can make money selling explainer videos. The best places to showcase these intro videos you create is on Youtube, or on a hosted portfolio website. If you need a cost effective and easy to setup host, try CloudWays.

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(35). Travel consultant

Freelance travel consultant

Do you regularly spend your time on SkyScanner looking for the cheapest flights? Why not turn your love for holidays into one of the most lucrative freelance business ideas?

You could either set up a website offering travel advice (for a web host I recommend CloudWays) and charge for privately recommending flights/hotels and locations to people. You could also set up a Facebook group for people who want to find the latest deals.

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(36). Video testimonials

Freelance video testimonials

Businesses rely heavily on testimonials and reviews these days and more and more are using video.

This is one of the easiest freelance business ideas as it does not require any experience, you just need a camera and be confident recording yourself. Businesses are willing to pay people to create video testimonials from home to help promote their products.

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(37). Landing page specialist

Freelance landing page specialist

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign.

Because landing pages are so critical for driving sales, businesses are willing to pay big bucks for one that is well designed and high converting.

Learning what makes a landing page highly converting will allow you to charge more. If you need to host a clients landing page it is important to make sure it loads fast, for that you will need a good web server. For the fastest and most reliable I recommend CloudWays.

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(38). Data entry

Freelance data entry

Can you type fast? If so, you could easily earn a few thousand a month doing data entry as one of your freelance business ideas. Although you don't need specialized training to do data entry, you should have good typing skills.

Data entry refers to taking printed information, like sales receipts, addresses, or survey responses, and inputting it into a computer (digital form). It could also include scanning documents or transcribing audio files.

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(39). Interior design consultant

Freelance interior design consultant

Do you browse Pinterest every day looking at interior designs or do you enjoy remodelling rooms in your house? Then becoming a freelance interior design consultant could be one of the best side business ideas for you.

People are willing to pay for design advice when it comes to their own homes. If you have an eye for design you can make anywhere between $50-$150 an hour.

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(40). Live chat agent

Freelance live chat agent

You will have probably come across a business that uses live chat to either make sales or answer support questions before. A lot of businesses outsource this to freelancers.

This is one of those side business ideas requires that you use chat software such as Zoom or Skype to communicate to customers, although some simply require you to type text with them (no video).

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(41). Babysitter

Freelance babysitter

This is possibly one of the first side business ideas that you tried when younger, babysitting has great potential to make easy money in your spare time.

If you find yourself having a lot of free time during normal working hours (9-5), then babysitting or being an Au Pair could be good for you.

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(42). Zendesk consultant

Freelance Zendesk consultant

Becoming a Zendesk consultant involves helping businesses use the software to improve their relationship with their clients.

Learning the software to offer implementation, optimization, training, and integration support to clients can be one of the best lucrative freelance business ideas.

Zendesk has a partner program where you get complete access to the product, sales, and technical training, go-to-market assets, and access to the Zendesk Referral program.

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(43). Keap/Infusionsoft certified partner

Freelance Keap/Infusionsoft certified partner

Keap/Infusionsoft is an all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing platform for growing service businesses.

By becoming a certified partner you earn 20-30% commission on app sales for the lifetime of your client. This means you can build up a very chunky amount of recurring income monthly.

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(44). House sitter

Freelance house sitter

Although this one is a little more left field, and no very reliable - it does offer you the ability to travel. Fancy living somewhere abroad? Why not offer to house-sit? That way you can fund your travels all while not paying any rent.

Scaling up these side business ideas will be hard though, so keep that in mind. The best way to get your name out is with a website. For hosting I recommend CloudWays.

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(45). Sell on Etsy

Freelance Etsy seller

Etsy is a global online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items. If you are handy with your hands and can create or craft items such as jewelry, furniture, phone cases or more, then you could make money selling these.

Obviously, you will need to be able to produce these items as demand scales up, but this is one of the best home business ideas that can be started as a side hustle as you don't need a commercial space initially.

After a while, you will be able to build a recognized brand and move your customers to a dedicated e-commerce store. Doing this means you keep more of the revenue, as Etsy takes a cut.

With the right product for the right niche, this is a very lucrative business idea.

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(46). Lead generator

Freelance lead generator

Lead generation​ refers to the process of identifying potential customers for your business’s products or services.

​Attracting these customers and turning them into sales using techniques such as cold-calling, marketing emails, social media, advertising, and landing pages are all part of being a freelance lead generator.

Generally speaking, businesses will pay you per lead. That means the more you can generate, the more you can make with this side business idea.

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(47). Ebay sales

Freelance Ebay seller

Do auctions excite you? eBay is a website that allows anyone to make money selling literally anything. This is great if you are looking for a little extra cash, but if you want to turn it into a lucrative business idea then you will need to focus on finding desirable and in-demand products at good prices, which can be turned around and sold for profit.

Although many people use eBay as their sole platform for selling, eventually you may find yourself branching out to start an e-commerce store. An e-commerce website requires a good host, for that I recommend CloudWays.

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(48). Email outreach

Freelance email outreach

Email outreach is the process of getting in touch with other people via email for various reasons. In content marketing, the objective is normally to advertise a piece of content, to request a backlink, or to ask for a collaboration with an influencer.

With this business idea, you will be helping other businesses, blogs, and publications using email.

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(49). Fiverr gigs

Fiverr freelancer

Among all the best remote jobs websites available is Fiverr. Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Almost anyone can find something to sell on its marketplace.

Although the website started by only allowing sellers to charge $5 per "gig", this has now changed which means you can make a great income with this side business idea.

It is also great for a freelancer who has just started as you can build a portfolio of work quickly. The key to earning on Fiverr is to find a "gig" you can offer than is easily repeatable and scalable as to not cap your earnings by how much you can work.

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(50). Outdoor advertising

Freelance outdoor advertising promoter

Even in this digital age, many businesses depend on physical advertising. Think of coffee shops or restaurants that need banners, stands, and mobile billboards.

Although this side business idea requires some start-up money, it can be very lucrative. You could either buy a physical billboard and somewhere to put it, then offer the space to businesses for advertisement or use a mobile banner trailer and simply park it in a space you have permission to do so.

The nice thing about this passive business idea is it requires very little to no work once setup but will bring in monthly income.

Websites such as CarQuids even offer you money to advertise on your car.

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(51). Portrait photographer

Freelance portrait photographer

Do you own a camera? Maybe you love photography? Then why not transition that into a very lucrative business idea. Using the skills you already have or that could be learned to take stunning portraits.

If you have little experience taking portraits, why not start taking photos of friends and family to get practice and build a portfolio. Not only will you need a good camera and eye for photography, learning what makes a great portrait photo and how to edit it using software like Lightroom will be important.

Once you are confident enough then you can start charging for professional headshots and portraits as one of your side business ideas. When it comes to a portfolio website you will need a fast host (as images take longer to load on a slow server), for that I recommend CloudWays.

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(52). YouTube thumbnail artist

Freelance YouTube thumbnail artist

Thumbnails on YouTube are the little icons you see for each video before you click into them. Anyone producing content for YouTube will know they are one of the most important aspects of getting viewers.

The difference between a bad thumbnail and a good thumbnail can make or break a video in terms of views. Because of this YouTubers are willing to pay big money for a highly converting thumbnail, making this a very profitable side business idea.

You will need editing software like Photoshop, and learn what makes a good YouTube thumbnail. Then using sites like Fiverr you can easily sell your thumbnail making services.

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(53). Wedding photographer

Freelance wedding photographer

Weddings are a very special day for everyone, and getting great pictures to capture the moment is a top priority. This is good and bad. Bad because it makes it one of the most competitive and pressured photography niches. Good because it is one of the most lucrative side business ideas.

Professional wedding photographers charge over $3000 for a full day. For this, you would be expected to provide around 300-400 edited images to the clients.

This business idea could either be a small side income earner or a full-time profitable career. If you need to showcase the wedding photos or provide a link to the client to view them I recommend using a reliable host like CloudWays.

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(54). Online dating consultant

Freelance online dating consultant

In 2020 apps like Tinder for dating are more popular than ever. While many people use these online dating websites with ease, others struggle.

As an online dating consultant, you would help people navigate the complicated online dating world.

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(55). Drunk website reviews

Drunk UX consulting

Although I can't recommend you do this, "TheUserIsDrunk" is a perfect example of how an unusual niche side business idea can be very profitable.

Richard came up with the idea of getting drunk, then reviewing customer's websites on video. He ended up getting featured on the likes of Gizmodo and Shopify's blog.

The point here is that coming up with a completely new take on an already niche business idea could lead to your business going viral, and that means big profit.

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(56). Writing science fiction

Freelance sci-fi writer

Do you love reading a good science fiction book? Maybe your brain is all things space and time travel? There has never been a better time to become a writer with many websites offering self-publishing or the ability to digital release a book with the likes of the Kindle.

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(57). TaskRabbit


TaskRabbit is an on-demand task running service that enlists regular people to help out. You can earn money in your spare time completing real-world tasks on this platform making it a great side business idea.

The platform also allows for virtual work like online research and other tasks that can be done remotely which is great news as it allows you to continue earning even during the 2020 Covid19 lockdown.

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(58). Writing greeting cards

Freelance greeting card writer

Got skills as a good poem writer? Websites like SPS are looking for contemporary prose or poetry written from personal experience that reflects the thoughts and feelings people today want to communicate to one another, but don’t always know how to put into words.

You can earn up to $300 per poem, making this a good side business idea. SPS is not the only website offering this either, meaning you have a range of places to sell your greeting card poems.

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(59). Drive for Uber or Lyft

Freelance Uber or Lyft driver

Are you a keen driver? Driving for either or both of the two biggest app-based taxi services, Uber or Lyft can be a lucrative way to earn money as a side business idea. Be prepared to work nights and weekends though. Even though you can in theory work only the hours you want, there will be times where it just won't be worth your time compared to busy evenings and weekends.

Before you become a new Uber or Lyft driver, make sure you consider fuel cost, car wear and tear, and if it is worth putting all that usage on your car. Some people make an absolute fortune using these taxi apps, so at the very least it might be worth trying out.

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(60). Book flipping

Freelance book flipping

Using an app like Bookscouter you can scan barcodes and see what old books you may own are worth. If you don't own any books, why not scan ones you find at garage sales or the local antique book store.

Finding a book of value is very possible. Charlie William made more than $9,000 selling used books in a month. You could even set up an online shop to sell some of the valuable books you have found. If you want to get a website up quickly I recommend CloudWays as a host.

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(61). Rent your car on Turo

Rent your car on Turo

Turo is a car sharing marketplace where guests can book any car they want, wherever they want it. If you own a car but have large periods of time when it is not in use, then you can easily make some income with this side business idea.

Turo does take 25% of revenue from every rental but that covers insurance and the cost to list cars on the app. If a renter damages a car or anything else, Turo insurance will take over. All drivers are also pre-screened for peace of mind.

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(62). Art collector

Freelance art collector

Art collection unfortunately is not a case of just buying any art you may like. You need an eye for "good" art. The key to getting rich using this side business idea is to buy paintings when the artists are not well known or starting, waiting until they become better known and selling the pieces for a profit.

This requires knowledge and passion to find these artists and also a little bit of luck. If you like some risk, this exciting business idea could be for you.

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(63). Picking up trash

Freelance trash cleaner

This business idea may not have the glamour of some of the others, but you can easily make $30-$50 per hour. Picking up rubbish is fairly low risk to start and allows you to keep your 9-5 full-time job while earning money on the side.

The other great thing is that it is recession-proof. There is always trash to pick up, so someone to clean it will always be in demand. You also need very little to no equipment to get started.

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(64). Catering business

Freelance catering business

Becoming a host on EatWith means you can earn money cooking what you love. If you fancy yourself as a good home cook, why not try out being a chef for a side business idea?

If you are good enough you will get good reviews and be able to take that reputation and contacts to build a catering business. If you don't want to go that far, EatWith pays up to $700 for hosting each event.

Catering is a word of mouth game. Getting business depends on you pleasing your current clients so they refer you to their contacts.

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(65). Develop an app

Freelance app developer

Although it's going to be very tough to create the next Instagram or Snapchat, with the right idea and niche you could create a mobile application that's a big hit.

You could either learn to code or pay a freelancer to develop it for you. In 2020 it's even possible to create mobile applications with no coding skills whatsoever.

If your app gets a significant amount of downloads or users you can monetize it using in-app purchases or ads. Even with a small number of regular users, your app could generate a great side income.

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(66). Online news correspondent

Freelance online news correspondent

Fancy yourself a bit of a journalist? These days you don't need a professional degree to be a reporter with websites such as TheSun and TalkToThePress paying for your story is accepted.

If you can regularly find interesting and important news content, write well, and build a good relationship with an outlet then you could earn well with this side business idea.

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(67). Start a pop-up shop

Start a pop-up shop

We have all seen the coffee vans at the side of the road or at popular tourist spots, and for good reason. They can be an incredibly lucrative business idea. Pop-up shops allow for a small investment while keeping your 9-5 full-time job. This allows you to build a great business while keeping a stable income.

What should you sell? Coffee, doughnuts, clothes, hats, cards, crafts, or even t-shirts. The options are endless. People love an artsy little popup shop and if you market yours correctly, you could earn big.

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(68). Focus grouping

Freelance focus grouping

Looking for an easy way to earn some extra cash with a side business idea? Taking part in focus group market research could be just the thing for you.

Focus groups are a method of gathering market data where businesses gain insight into consumer opinions by talking them through with a group of people.

Although you can meet in person to do this, remote focus groups are an easier and more accessible way to make money. Websites like SurveyJunkie and UserInterviews pay up to $100 per survey.

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(69). Distil your own gin

Freelance gin distiller

Love gin? Why not try distilling your own as a side business idea? With enough practice and experience, you could end up creating a gin good enough to sell to others. There are loads of easy to use gin distilling kits online, like the Sandy Leaf gin making kit that allow you to make a big bottle of your own home-infused botanical gin, in just a couple of days. From there you can distil larger amounts and start shopping it around to family and friends. Just make sure to get a license!

If you need a website to sell your gin on, consider CloudWays as a cost effective and reliable host.

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(70). Buy faulty electronics and refurbish them

Buy faulty electronics and refurbish them

We are all used to the concept of buying refurbished electronics like phones, but did you know you could refurbish them yourself? Courses are available which teach you how to repair these items. Then you can look online for cheap broken gadgets that you can refurbish and sell for a great profit with this as one of your side business ideas.

The best part is this could easily be done in the evenings allowing you to keep your full-time job.

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(71). Pool cleaning service

Freelance pool cleaning service

No matter what part of the world you live in, even areas with cold weather, some people have swimming pools in their back yards or indoors. Those pools need to be cleaned and maintained regularly and most of the time the owner doesn’t have time or will power to do it.

This makes it a great side business idea to offer your services as a pool cleaner. Although you could use a bucket and a sponge, with a little investment and the right tools you could easily clean multiple pools in an evening. The more you can clean in a day, and the more repeat clients you get, the more potential this business idea has to earn big.

The next step you should take is getting a website online that advertises your services. For a reliable web host I recommend CloudWays.

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(72). Acquire and resell parts from electronics stores

Acquire and resell parts from electronics stores

Once expensive and valuable items are thrown out by electronics stores every day (eg. computer shop throwing away unsold or unused old motherboards). The list of items you may find in the recycling bin of these stores in endless. Printer cartridges, tablets, computer parts, gadgets, and more.

You firstly should call these stores and see if they are willing to give you what they are throwing away for free. In some cases the stores have to pay to recycle or trash them, so giving them to you for free is a win-win. If not, why not take a look around the bins of the store.

You might end up making more profit than you think with this business idea.

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(73). Airbnb host

Freelance Airbnb host

Airbnb is an online marketplace that lets people rent out their properties or spare rooms to guests. Renting out spare space in your house like a bedroom is a legitimate home-based business idea.

If you want to scale this business idea up then you could consider renting out an apartment. Over time you could build up the number of spaces you rent on Airbnb.

This will require work though as you will always need to be available in your guest has an issue and clean the spaces before every new visitor.

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(74). Knife sharpening

Freelance knife sharpening

Every house in the world is a potential repeat customer for this side business idea. Once you learn how to sharpen a knife quickly and safely you can advertise your service locally.

Market your services by suggesting that instead of throwing a knife away and buying a new one, people could pay you a fraction of the cost to have it sharpened.

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(75). Personal fitness trainer

Personal fitness trainer

Do you love fitness and sport, then working as a part-time personal trainer for a side business idea is for you. Although traditionally trainers are based in gyms, building up clients that way, in 2020 many are turning to online programs.

Offering an online weight loss or muscle building plan is an ultra-scalable way to make a big profit as a fitness trainer. You will need a website with a plugin that allows you to sell courses. Wordpress with the WP Courses plugin is a good option. You will also need somewhere to host the website, I recommend CloudWays as they offer managed Wordpress hosting that is hassle-free.

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(76). Car wash and detailing

Freelance car wash/car detailer

I recently had my car detailed, it cost me nearly $1000. Why? Because I love my car and I want it to get the best polish and wax possible. Guess what, there are plenty of more people just like me willing to pay that money.

Obviously, you could offer a simple car wash, but the big money is in detailing as one of your side business ideas. For a small investment, you can get all the tools you need and take a course in car detailing.

Once you get a reputation you could make a lot of money and also get to work on some exciting cars.

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(77). Yoga or meditation instructor

Yoga or meditation instructor

Are you looking for one of the best physically rewarding side business ideas? Yoga and meditation have been getting very popular over the past few years with apps helping people do it at home, but some struggle. This is where you could come in as an instructor.

You could either go to client's homes to teach yoga or use a studio to take classes. Another great idea in 2020 is to do online yoga classes keeping people safe and healthy during the coronavirus crisis.

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(78). Start a Youtube channel

Start a Youtube channel

Let's be honest, starting a Youtube channel is hard. It takes a lot of trial and error, skill, and a little bit of luck. If you can learn to create valuable, entertaining content for an unexplored niche then you could earn a pretty good profit from ads.

You will need to grow your subscriber base first before you can earn anything and this may take years. Once your channel takes off though, you could earn beyond your wildest imagination and have fun creating content at the same time.

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(79). Tour guide

Freelance tour guide

Do you enjoy meeting new people or showing off your local area? Maybe you want to move somewhere more exotic and generate income at the same time? Starting a tour company is probably going to be one of the best business ideas for you.

If you live in a city, walking tours are a good idea to start with. If you need to tour around larger areas consider renting a bus and driver for each one of your tours.

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(80). Event DJ

Freelance DJ

If you have a love for music and partying, why not earn money at the same time using this side business idea.

Second-hand DJ equipment can be picked up relatively cheaply these days and with some practice, you could start searching for events to book you.

Websites like GigSalad are also available to get booked as a DJ. If you want to get your name out there, why not setup a website using CloudWays and host some of your best mixes.

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(81). Ghostwriter

Freelance ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is hired to write literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author. This business idea pays very well, but you need to be good at researching and creating amazing content.

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(82). Online subcontracting

Freelance subcontracting

This business idea requires that you first establish yourself as a freelance. This could be a web developer, copywriter, graphic designer, etc. Once you have got to the stage you are getting more work than you can handle you can start to subcontract it.

This allows you to spend more time looking for work and letting other freelancers complete the projects. This is very scalable and has the potential to be a six-figure business idea.

You can find freelancers to subcontract to on websites like PeoplePerHour, Upwork, and more. Here are 50 of the best remote jobs websites to find freelancers to subcontract work out to.

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(83). Field agent

FieldAgent is a free smartphone app that pays you to gather information, take photos, and share your opinions.

This includes mystery shopping, completing surveys, and auditing. Simply download the app, complete a few jobs, and get paid. This has to be one of the easiest business ideas to get started with.

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(84). Clothing alterations and tailoring

Freelance clothes altering and freelance tailoring

Mending clothes is a skill that is getting harder to come by in 2020, but can be easily learned. Once you have got to grips with making a few alterations to your clothes you can start advertising locally.

Every neighborhood will have someone needing jeans turned up, and that's a good place to start. Over time you can invest in better equipment and grow a client list of fashion-conscious people who need regular tailoring.

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(85). Baking

Freelance baker

Do you have all the skills needed to bake tasty cupcakes? If so then you could make money baking. This is one of the best business ideas that make money!

You could bake cupcakes, cookies, or even bread. You can start straight away with your home oven catering to a small number of customers. Setting up a Facebook page is a great way to get your name out or setting up a Wordpress website with CloudWays.

Once you start getting more and more customers this business idea could be expanded into a full-time pursuit.

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(86). Investing Your Money

Freelance investing

Investing used to be a scary thing to do yourself. In 2020 with apps like Betterment and Stash you can let them do the work for you and reap the rewards.

Having money hidden away in a savings account will be earning you nothing. Investing is a great passive side business idea as it requires very little work.

Starting with small investments is recommended because doubling your money is not guaranteed and there is always a risk of losing everything.

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(87). Carpet cleaning

Freelance carpet cleaning

Carpets look great but get dirty very easily. Especially if they are in common household areas such as hallways. Over time a hoover just won't remove all the ground in dirt and this is where a lucrative business idea is born.

Investing in good equipment such as a wet vac and cleaning chemicals means you can offer your services as a carpet cleaner. Don't want to invest in buying equipment? Why not book a group of clients over a weekend and rent the equipment. Working weekends means you also can keep your 9-5 job for income stability.

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(88). House cleaning

Freelance house cleaning

It always surprises me just how many people hire a house cleaner. What used to be a solution for the rich and famous with big houses, is now commonplace for even the smallest of dwellings. People live very busy lives and having a house cleaner is a great help. If you can clean carpets, floors, garages, windows, or even cut lawns, you could be in demand.

All you have to do is get some business cards printed and put them through the letterboxes of local houses. This will generate you some initial business to try it out.

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(89). Modeling

Freelance modeling

If you have the look, or love to pose, modeling could be a great way to earn some side income. You will need to apply to local agencies, find an agent, or hunt down your modeling jobs. Obviously, luck plays a part in this business idea too, but if you do your research it has the potential to be very lucrative.

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(90). Computer training and lessons

Computer training and lessons

In 2020 everyone needs to have some level of technical knowledge around computers. Over the past few decades, it has become an essential part of life. Unfortunately, many of the older generations still struggle to get to grips with ICT and miss out on many opportunities because of it.

A great business idea would be to offer training in the form of one on one lessons or a course to teach general computing tasks.

You could also package these courses into a remote package that people could pay for online. If you need to host an online course, I recommend looking at CloudWays.

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(91). Home inspection service

Freelance home inspector

Although you will need a certification for this side business idea, this is a great way to earn money alongside your full-time job.

You can schedule the inspections in your free time and they only take a few hours.

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(92). Contract customer service

Freelance customer service

A lot of businesses contract their customer services to remote freelancers. Sites like PeoplePerHour and Upwork are great places to look for customer service jobs.

A great way to scale this business is to partner with freelancers who specialize in different areas of customer service and build a team. You can then approach businesses and offer a virtual customer service package.

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(93). Making custom furniture

Freelance furniture maker

Creating custom furniture is not an easy skill to learn. For many, it is a craft or hobby, but you can start to learn in your garage. Youtube has many videos for the beginner furniture maker like this one by HomeMadeModern.

Once you can create bespoke pieces of trendy furniture you can turn the craft into a revenue-generating business idea. More and more people are looking for fashionable and unique items of furniture.

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(94). Human billboard

Freelance human billboard

If you don't mind drawing attention to yourself on a street or outside a shop, there are always businesses looking to hire sign-spinners, people in costume, or mobile billboards to attract business.

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(95). Making handmade jewelry

Freelance handmade jewelry maker

If you are gifted with the artisan skill of making handmade jewelry then there is a market ready for your creations.

Before websites like Etsy came along, getting your products to potential customers was challenging. It often involved setting up displays at craft fairs and car boot sales. These days you can simply set up a website to sell your creations.

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(96). Purchase an existing website

Purchase an existing website

If you don't have the time and patience it takes to create a passive income generating website, why not buy an already established one. Marketplaces like Flippa allow you to do just that.

Be warned though, this can be riskier than it seems. Some websites on these marketplaces mask problems or falsify income, so what you might think is an absolute bargain ends up being a nightmare.

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(97). Mobile oil change service

Mobile oil change service

Save people time and make life more convenient for them by saving them a trip to the mechanic. If you are comfortable fixing cars, you could offer a mobile oil change service. This quick and easy process is very scalable and is a great repeat business idea.

If you are looking for initial customers YourMechanic is a great place to start.

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(98). Mobile laundry service

Freelance mobile laundry service

Cleaning clothes is time-consuming, for many, they don't have the time to do it themselves. Cleaning dirty laundry for time-strapped clients is one of the easy business ideas you can choose to do.

Start with family and friends and then expand. Scheduling pickups of dirty clothes in your spare time is a great side business idea.

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(99). Movie / TV extra

Freelance movie / TV extra

A background actor or extra is a performer in a film, television show, stage, musical, opera or ballet production, who appears in a nonspeaking or nonsinging (silent) capacity, usually in the background.

Believe it or not, you can get paid and live your dreams of being in the movies with this side business idea. Although you won't make a fortune, this is one of those business ideas where you have a lot of fun at the same time.

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(100). Junk removal service

Junk removal service

Lots of businesses have an area where they store junk. A backyard that is full of black bin bags for example. These businesses need someone to remove the junk, usually taking it to the local dump.

This is not one of the most glamorous business ideas, but you can make a great regular income with it if you are not afraid to get messy. You will need to be able to transport large amounts of junk, so consider renting a van.

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(101). Host remote quizzes

Freelance quiz host

Online remote quizzes absolutely took off during the coronavirus crisis in 2020. Getting people together on Zoom you could host a pub quiz as a side business idea.

If you need a website to advertise your remote quiz, I recommend using CloudWays to host it.

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(102). Becoming a Notary Public

Becoming a Notary Public

The main role of a notary is the witnessing of signatures, preparing copies of paperwork, and the authentication of documents.

Public notary positions can earn as much as $40,000 a year, which makes this a very lucrative business idea for someone looking to change careers.

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(103). Pet grooming

Freelance pet grooming

Nobody wants a scruffy looking pet! Pet grooming is a business idea that is always in demand. You will need to get training and a license before you can start. Equipment is something you will also need to invest in.

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(104). Rent out used baby gear

Rent out used baby gear is a website that allows you to get rid of baby stuff as soon as you are done with it. The platform connects parents with traveling families or grandparents who live in town and need a crib or stroller for a short while.

The average BabyQuip provider makes $650 a month part-time, making this one of the best lucrative side business ideas.

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(105). Referee recreational sports games

Freelance referee for recreational sports games

If you are a big sports lover then why not referee non-professional games held locally at parks and sports venues. This physically rewarding side business idea is something you can do at the weekends and evenings.

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(106). Build custom software for freelance clients

Build custom software for freelance clients

If you can code then you can tap into the lucrative software market. All business use software. CRM's for example, help sales teams manage customers through the buying process. Most businesses will buy a CRM but some look to create their own.

Being able to create software as a solution to a client's needs makes you very valuable. Using sites like PeoplePerHour or Upwork you will find well-paying software development projects. For even more work I have put together a list of the 50 best remote jobs websites to find projects.

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(107). RentaFriend


OK, OK... yes, this one is a little more left field. is a website that allows you to rent local friends from all over the world. thankfully is strictly a platonic friendship website.

You can earn anywhere between $20-$50 an hour to hang out with strangers, and yes, that sounds a little unusual and risky but it is a side business idea. (Just take it with a pinch of salt).

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(108). Vending machines

Vending machines

We have all used a vending machine to grab a bar of chocolate, but did you know that the vending machine industry is very lucrative?

If you want to run a side business and be your boss then take a look at starting a vending business. It requires some skills and a little training but can offer great profit margins.

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(109). Coaching sports teams

Coaching sports teams

Maybe you are a football fan, or love all sport in general? Why not earn money while coaching your favorite sports in this side business idea. This can be very rewarding not only financially because seeing your team win games can be a great experience.

Worth reading:

(110). Working on Mechanical Turk

Working on Mechnical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a marketplace for the completion of virtual tasks that require human intelligence. The Mechanical Turk service gives businesses access to a diverse, on-demand, scalable workforce and gives you a selection of thousands of tasks to complete whenever it's convenient.

To be honest you probably won't get rich from working on MTurk, but could make some extra cash with this easy business idea doing it in your spare time.

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(111). Pet waste removal

Pet waste removal

More and more homeowners with pets are outsourcing the smelly task of picking up the animals back yard deposits. This can be one of the very best lucrative business ideas you can do because you can charge over $15 a yard.

To advertise I recommend a simple business card style website hosted on CloudWays.

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(112). Yard work services

Yard work services

Nearly every home and business premises have a lawn that needs cut. Many don't have the time to tend to it themselves so look to outsource their yard work services. To start and maintain a yard work services side business idea you will need some level of training and equipment.

This is a business idea that can be done in the evenings and weekends to earn you some nice side income.

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(113). Moving service

Freelance moving service

Moving is never fun, but this can be an easy business idea if you want to earn some extra money on the weekend or evenings if you don't mind carrying other people's stuff. To take it up a level, why not rent a van to help move more stuff?

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(114). Public speaking

Freelance public speaking

If you don't have stage fright and can talk the hind legs of a donkey then public speaking might be the side business idea for you. Many authors, experts, scientists turn to the microphone to make extra income by delivering speeches and seminars. You can get your name out there by creating a website showcasing some of your speeches.

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(115). Motivational seminars

Motivational seminars

How many of us have listened to motivational speeches on Youtube like this one from Les Brown to get fired up? I know I have, and they work. Well, millions of people attend motivational seminars every year to hear inspiring stories that help them get focused on their goals and life achievements.

You could start by uploading some of your speeches on Youtube to build an audience. Once established you could hire venues and charge per seat with this lucrative side business idea.

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(116). Making seasonal decorations

Making seasonal decorations

Do you love arts and crafts? With seasons such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, Mothers/Fathers Day, and more, why not explore the side business idea of creating your own decorations to sell. People go crazy during these seasons and pay well over $100 for decorations.

If you get a bit of a buzz around your crafts you could potentially make enough in one or two seasons to see yours through the rest of the year income-wise. To sell them I recommend a web store. Magento would be a good e-commerce system hosted on CloudWays.

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(117). Snowplowing

Freelance snowplowing

You don't need a machine like the one pictured above to make money snowplowing. When winter rolls round in your area and the snow falls thick, it usually blocks driveways. Why not make some extra money with this side business idea by offering to remove snow and ice from people's homes. Just bring a spade!

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(118). Antique refurbishing

Antique refurbishing

The market for antiques is different across the world, but you can make money from the industry if you have an eye for finding unique old items and have the craft and skills to be able to restore them.

Having a workshop would be a good start, and you will need to invest in some basic workmanship tools.

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(119). Deliveroo food delivery

Deliveroo food delivery

Deliveroo is a food delivery service that uses cyclists to transport the takeaways to your door. You can become a delivery cyclist for Deliveroo and make as much as £120 per day.

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(120). Home based makeup services

Home based makeup services

Do you love creating makeup looks? Maybe you just love helping others look their best. Lots of people are looking for a makeup artist every day for events and some want it done from the comfort of their own home. Turn your beauty skills into makeup services as it is one of the best lucrative side business ideas. You probably already have enough makeup to get started.

Building up a social profile with images of your best work and getting referrals is the best way to grow this side business idea. If you need a website to showcase your makeup looks I recommend CloudWays and Wordpress.

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(121). Car flipping

Car flipping

Why not turn your love for cars into a quick side business idea by buying and selling them? If you have a little cash to invest and are prepared to take a little risk then looking out for bargain motors to either sell immediately for a higher price or to hold on too until the market price increases is a great business model.

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(122). Sell life insurance

Sell life insurance

Selling insurance products like life insurance is a great way to bring in extra income and build recurring revenue if you have the stomach for sales. You could easily generate an extra $2,000+ a month depending on how much time you spend selling.

First, you will need to take an online course to learn about life insurance, and then pass an exam or two.

Learning sales is tricky though and once you sell the insurance to family and friends the real work starts, finding potential customers.

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(123). Writing and editing CV's

Writing and editing resumes

A CV (also known as a Curriculum Vitae, or resume), is a written overview of your skills, education, and work experience. You might be someone who has to write and design an absolutely captivating CV, but some struggle.

This is a great opportunity to help others while making money as a side business. Start by helping friends spruce up their CV, and over time you could start charging to help others with theirs. You may also be able to find people looking for help editing their own CVs on any of these 50 remote jobs websites.

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(124). Instagram consulting

Instagram consulting

If you know the secrets to create an engaging Instagram and also building an audience, consider becoming an Instagram consultant. Clients will pay you for creating captions, responding to commends, and reporting on their analytics.

To become sought after for these side business ideas you will need to build a portfolio of clients that you have increased engagement for.

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(125). Bicycle repair

Bicycle repair

Do you love to cycle? Know your bottom brackets from your derailleurs? Why not turn your passion into one of the best lucrative side business ideas. The cycling industry is booming and you could cash in on this by repairing bicycles.

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(126). Home energy auditor

Home energy auditor

As a homeowner you probably lookout for ways to save on energy bills, and so do others. With a quick course a few simple tools you can provide people with an audit of their house and give them a breakdown on how they could save money with heating, cooling, and electric use. Clients will have no issue paying you for this easy side business idea when you can provide them with real savings.

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(127). Solar energy consultant

Solar energy consultant

As a solar consultant, you conduct a home inspection and give clients a report on potential solar options they could implement. This can range from solar panels that generate electric or simple solar lighting. The best way to start with this side business idea is to get in touch with energy companies in your idea suggesting that you want to sell their products. They will train you up and then you can start charging for consultations.

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(128). Washing machine repair

Washing machine repair

Learning to repair washing machines can be the start of a very lucrative business idea for you. When washing machines break down most people just buy a new one, but usually, the fault is something small.

By offering your services to repair them at a much cheaper rate than replacing you will put yourself very in demand.

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(129). Fence installations

Fence installations

Pretty much every home has a fence, but they don't last forever and can blow down. That means every so often they need to be repaired or replaced. Building a fence is fairly easy but most people don't have the time to do it.

With this lucrative side business idea, all you need is a few fence boards, a hammer, and some nails and you can start earning money!

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(130). Gift basket service

Gift basket service

Packaging together products into a gift basket is a quick and easy way to make money. You could turn a small investment of items into a big sale with these side business ideas.

You will need to come up with a few gift basket styles, think food or artisan crafts, and then buy the baskets to put the items in. Once neatly wrapped you could either sell them locally at a market or start an online store. To start an online store you could use WooCommerce (a Wordpress plugin) and CloudWays to get online quickly and affordably.

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(131). Sell WordPress themes

Sell WordPress themes

Are you a web designer or developer who wants to earn passive income? Creating WordPress themes might be the easiest business idea for you. With websites like Themeforest, you can sell WordPress themes to thousands of potential customers.

You will need to be able to create an easy to use theme for it to sell well and be prepared to provide customers with ongoing support. That being said, the potential with this business idea to earn a lot of money is very high.

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(132). Drone pilot

Freelance drone pilot

In 2020 lots of businesses need a drone pilot. It might be for videography, surveying, or taking property photographs. The list is endless.

Although the initial outlay of buying a drone and getting certified can be costly, the amount you could make in return will easily offset that investment. You can start with a smaller drone to get confident and as you gain clients eventually upgrade your equipment.

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(133). Subscription service owner

Subscription service owner

A subscription service is a website that clients pay a monthly fee to use. The main advantage of this lucrative business idea is it provides predictable income.

As the number of your subscribers rises, you will know exactly how much you can earn each month. This "snowball" effect of income also means that in no time you can be generating big sums of money each month.

You will need a good host with reliable servers and good support for this business idea, for that I recommend CloudWays.

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(134). Craft beer brewing

Craft beer brewing

Producing small amounts of beer has recently turned into a popular hobby and a very lucrative business idea.

You will need a kit to get started, somewhere like BrewStore is a good place to look. Over time you will build experience crafting the perfect pint and get to the stage you can start selling it to local pubs.

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(135). Espresso cart

Espresso cart

If you are a coffee lover, know you are not alone. The beauty of a coffee cart means you can take your business idea essentially anywhere and provide great espressos to customers.

The initial outlay will be high to purchase a cart, but you could consider renting. Overtime look to employ someone to run the cart and you can expand to have a fleet providing espressos all over the country.

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(136). Vegan vending machines

Vegan vending machines

One vending machine niche that could be a very profitable business idea is the vegan market. In 2020 the plant-based and a vegan diet have become very popular making this a great area to sell to with a vending machine.

Where else could you get your plant-based lunch bar at any time of the day?

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(137). FPV drone builder

FPV drone builder

FPV drones are a special type of drone where they are equipped with cameras and the person flying wears head-mounted display showing the live stream camera feed from it. This makes it look like you are flying it in "first-person view".

The market for these has exploded but most still need to be built from parts by hand. A lot of people are scared of doing this so if you can learn the skills to do it you could make a fortune with this side business idea.

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(138). 3D printing services

3D printing services

3D printing is taking the world by storm. Why not cash in on this revolution best investing in a high-quality 3D printer and offer it to other people.

They can email you their project files and you can charge to print them with this lucrative side business idea. To have a location for people to send their 3D printing files I recommend you setup a website with a contact box. For fast hosting (for quick file transfer) check out CloudWays.

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(139). Beard care products

Beard care products

Beards will always be around, making this an evergreen business idea to tap into.

You can start your beard care brand with just a few cheap ingredients and a snazzy-looking packaging design. When you manage to make a good product, all you need to do is take care of marketing and manufacturing in bulk with this side business idea.

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(140). Peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending

There is a big market for peer-to-peer lending in 2020, but it requires initial capital and some level of risk. LendingClub is a marketplace that connects borrowers with individual investors hoping to make competitive returns.

This can be a good way to earn on the interest rate if you are looking for a passive business idea that will make you money in your sleep.

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(141). Online recruiting

Online recruiting

If you have experience in HR, online recruiting could be a very lucrative business idea for you.

Helping businesses find and hire great employees is a valuable service. Specialize in sectors you have worked in before to have the best knowledge of what makes a good employee.

Many businesses will pay over $1,000 per employee you have recruited, with others paying a lot more.

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(142). Crowdfunding consulting

Crowdfunding consulting

Crowdfunding has become a very popular way of financing projects in 2020. With so many ideas fighting for attention and funding on websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, success is becoming harder.

People looking for funding need advice on how to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. With some training, you could be the person to consult them on this.

Once you have a few successful crowdfunding experiences under your belt you could make a lot of money consulting with this lucrative side business idea.

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(143). Life coaching

Life coaching

Sometimes we all need a bit of help in life. In 2020 it is becoming more common for people to turn to life coaches.

If you can help with happiness, career goals, relationships, or financial problems then you will never run out of potential customers who need your help.

Getting your name out as a life coach is the single most important step to get started with this side business idea. Once you get a few local clients you can work online remotely and build your reach worldwide.

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(144). Data crunching

Data crunching

The era of big data has only just begun, with many businesses eager to tap larger and more complex databases to get more information on their customers, their competitors, and themselves.

The problem isn't just crunching the data, it's making sense of it and gaining actionable insights that can be translated into business improvement.

If you can learn how to interpret and digest big data, then provide insights on your findings you could earn over $250/hour with these lucrative side business ideas.

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(145). Sell dash cams

Sell dash cams

Launching a dashcam store is a very lucrative business idea and will continue to prosper because these items are practical and come with a viral element. Dashcam sales have rocketed worldwide over the past few years and some insurance companies require them in 2020.

You could start by approaching a few manufacturers to arrange a reselling deal which would allow you to earn commission on sales without holding stock. To start selling online you can quickly set up a WordPress website on CloudWays, install WooCommerce and add your products.

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(146). Face mask store

Face mask store

For better or for worse, the Covid19 pandemic of 2020 has brought about face masks and they are the new normal. Selling these not only helps people stay safe but is an excellent side business idea. People are on the lookout for trendy and comfortable face masks, so you can quickly sell a lot of them if the product is good.

Just make sure what you are selling functions correctly as a protective item first and foremost!

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(147). Personal safety equipment

Personal safety equipment

Hot on the heels of face masks during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 is personal safety equipment. Many businesses legally now have to use face shields, latex gloves, gowns, shielding screens, and more. This is a serious opportunity, so if you can provide a reliable supplier you should get in on this in demand, side business idea.

Again, just make sure what you are selling helps people.

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(148). Florist


If you have green fingers and a good eye for arrangements then this small side business idea could be the one for you. Why not open a floral shop from your own house? Flowers are one of those gifts that are always wanted, for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and more.

You can start by serving your local area, and eventually build an online store to supply a larger market.

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(149). Nutritionist


If you are proudly vegan, gluten-free, or love eating whole foods, why not share your eating habits and knowledge with others. Consider starting your own business as a nutritionist and getting paid to help others achieve their health goals.

Make sure you know the license requirements in your area to do so, and taking a few extra courses to brush up your knowledge wouldn't hurt. The average salary of nutritionists and health coaches is about $43,000 per year, so this can be a very lucrative business idea.

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(150). Sell artisan candles

Sell artisan candles

Lovers of arts and crafts with a want to make money might benefit from candle making. Candle making involves ordering materials, crafting the product, and then photographing your creation. You could start by selling the candles locally to family and friends but the potential is huge when considering opening an online store.

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Did I miss any?

Share below in the comments if I am missing any of your choices for the best side business ideas that you can start while working full-time!

Maybe you have tried one of the ideas above, share your experiences in the comments.

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