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When it comes to finding work, we all know the common websites to go looking. Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Guru and WeWorkRemotely to name a few. All of these places are full of projects but they have one small problem - everyone knows about them and you will be competing with thousands of freelancers for each project.

Don't worry though, here are 5 places to find work that MOST freelancers don't know about.

Google 'RFP *your freelancing service* filestyle:pdf'

A 'request for proposal' or RFP is a document that a potential client creates to outline the requirements they have for a specific project. When a company publishes a RFP online they have a project they are actively looking vendors or freelancers to apply for.

Using a nifty Google search you can easily find RFPs which have recently been published that you can then view and potentially apply for.

All you have to do is fire up Google and type in 'RFP *your freelancing service* filestyle:pdf'.

For example, I do website development. So I would search 'RFP website development filetype:pdf'.

Then select 'Tools' and change the time to 'Past 24 hours' or 'Past week'.

You will then be presented with lots of fresh RFPs. Realistically not all of them are going to be your cup of tea. Some might require slightly different skills to the ones you have, and others might require a larger agency to take it on.

However, if you do this a few times a week you will usually find a handful of really good projects to apply for. The great thing about RFPs is that they are usually larger budget projects - and who doesn't like that?

Not only is Reddit a great community resource for freelancers to grow and learn in subreddits such as, but you can also find work.

The subreddit is a great place to start. It is highly active and always has a community full of potential clients looking to hire.

Just look for the [HIRING] tag in the titles. Again you can select to filter by 'New' to have a look for the most recent projects being posted.

Like many websites, some of the projects can be on the lower end of the pay scale, but if you check every couple of days you will find some great projects with good budgets.

Twitter search magic

Every freelancer knows about Twitter, but most don't know just how easy it is to find projects on the platform. One simple search query can return an abundance of potential clients.

Simply search 'looking for *your freelancing service*'.

Again for example, because I do website development I search 'looking for website developer'.

Going between 'Top' and 'Latest' you can find some really great projects. Here is a potential client I found within a few seconds of searching.

For some, you are going to require a Twitter account to reply and message as most won't make their email address public. However you do occasionally come across posts which have an email or link to their business for you to apply.

Facebook groups

The popularity of Facebook groups is on the rise. In some cases they are even overtaking pages on Facebook, but did you know they are a great place to find freelance projects?

Simply load up Facebook and search 'freelance jobs'. Then select 'Groups'.

You will find large groups full of varied projects looking for freelancers and also smaller groups with more niche focused work.

A lot of the groups require you to fill out a quick questionnaire where you list what service you provide and also your portfolio. Then you will have to wait for approval. Don't be discouraged by this though, as these groups tend to have the best quality of projects.


Dribbble is a great place to showcase your portfolio, but did you know you can also score some awesome freelance projects on it?

Graphic Design Jobs on Dribbble
Find your dream design job on Dribbble, the largest job board for graphic designers, product designers, Web Designers, Illustrators, and more.

The job board section of Dribbble has remote and freelance work posted daily. This section also contains listings for full time work so you will have to filter through them to find projects that suit you.

Dribbble now also has a "Freelance projects" section with listings dedicated to Freelancers. This is not to say you can't find freelance projects on the standard "Job board" but you will definitely have more success on the dedicated projects section.

This is a "Pro" feature of Dribbble so it will cost, but small investments are usually worth it when it comes to finding freelance work.

Bonus: Freelance Lemon Project Listings

I would be silly not to mention the Freelance Lemon project listings. Simply click "Freelance Project Listings" at the top or bottom of this website to access them.

They are FREE but will require you to sign up to gain access.

These listings are scraped from around the web and are updated daily. Quickly checking them each day for a project which you might be interested in could easily add a couple more clients to your pipeline each month.

When it comes to finding freelance work, one website is not enough. Having an efficient and quick routine in which you go through various websites looking for work each day will really help your chances when it comes to finding work.
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